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Dr. Penny has owned and operated Two Lane Chiropractic since October 2015. She is from a small town in southwest Iowa called Malvern. Wanting to be a doctor until 6th grade when she saw another student's blood during a Math Bee trip.

Wanting to work in a field of helping people, Penny chose to study psychology while at college. This led her to Iowa State University where she decided to broaden her horizons. She studied Fine Art, Women's Studies, and psychology. In the fall of 2007, she studied in Rome, Italy and hopes to return there one day. 

Dr. Penny graduated from Palmer College in October of 2015 after 3 and a third long, hard years of dedication and study. Five weeks later, Dr. Penny opened the doors of Two Lane Chiropractic and started seeing patients. She is currently the only woman Chiropractor in the Historic East Village and for a 3 mile radius. She sits on the Iowa Center for Economic Success's Strategic Advisory Committee as a business owner and on the Young Women’s Resource Center’s Advocacy Committee. 

Dr. Penny enjoys yoga, bicycling, as well as walking her poodle, Dalilah, in the great city of Des Moines. She also enjoys the local music scene and the fabulous foodie food Des Moines has to offer with a few of her favorites being A-Dong, The Continental, and The Royal Mile.

Watch Dr. Penny’s interview as she’s featured as the First Friday’s Women Business Owner HERE on November 2, 2018 to learn more about her and her business. First Friday’s are a compilation of DSM Partnership, SBA, and Women’s Business Center at the Iowa Center for Economic Success supporting local women business owners.

Women in Business: Des Moines is a new publication Dr. Penny has started working on. She interviews local Des Moines business owners who happen to be women. Find out new and exciting information about what the women of Des Moines are working on, working with, and how you can support and benefit from buying local. To read the latest issue, click HERE!!!

To read the first issue, CLICK HERE !!