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Insurance and Payment

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The way we handle payment and insurance is pretty straight forward.  

  • Payment for services provided is expected at the time of service.

  • All professional services are rendered to & charged to the patient receiving care or to the responsible adult in the case of a minor. 

  • This payment policy also applies to Personal Injury and Workman’s Compensation cases.

*Please ask about our CASH-ONLY discounts at time of your visit.


In order to keep our costs low and fees affordable, insurance is not submitted by Two Lane Chiropractic at this time. If you'd like to submit yourself, please check out the links below for the proper forms, otherwise your carrier should supply you with the proper forms upon request. If you are covered by insurance in any form, we will provide you with a diagnostic receipt that will help you receive payment from your carrier.

The member claim process is relatively easy and just requires a few steps. 

  • You pay us at the end of your appointment and we give you a special receipt called a superbill that contains all the codes for you to make a Member Claim with your insurance company.  Your insurance company then reimburses you directly based upon your coverage.

  • You will first need to get a member claim form from your insurance company.  You can click on the name of your insurance company below or if it is not there a Google search for Your Insurance Company name member claim form.  For example, if your insurance is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa, you would search for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa Member Claim Form, and it pops up in the search results as a pdf.  If you are unable to find your form, please let us know and we will assist you in finding it.

  • After finding your member claim form, you will transfer the information from the superbill to the form and mail or fax it to your insurance company.

  • As always, if you have any difficulty with any part of this process let us know and we'll assist you as much as we can. 

Click on the name of your insurance company for another window to open with the appropriate forms.

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