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About the Gonstead Technique...


The Gonstead Technique is more of a method; a foundation. Dr.Gonstead was a man who was impacted heavily by rheumatoid arthritis particularly in his hands as a younger man. Before he became a Doctor of Chiropractic, he was influenced and one could say, healed, with Chiropractic care. This then lead him to a successful career as a mentor and Chiropractor. As a Chiropractor, he took the idea of the human frame and applied engineering concepts to it as though it were a machine with moving parts and pieces.

 Five components are involved in the Gonstead System:  nervoscope readings, x-ray analysis, the patient's range of motion, the process of palpation, and the patient's history, concern, and/or complaint. The nervoscope is enveloped as "instrumentation" with a few similar types of devices including, but not limited to a delta T and Tytron. Although this can be more time consuming, it is more beneficial to the patient to have these confirmations that an adjustment is needed and specifically, where and why. Sorry folks, if I'm going to do it, I'm taking a tip from L.L.*, and doing it well.

Throughout the years, as I have spent more and more time with the mentors, I have picked up other healthy tips of how to expand and evolve the system; never to be completely changed or to disregard the main five components. This includes anything we see fit for the patient.




* Reference to L.L. Cool J's popular hit from Decmber 17, 1995 [his sixth album], Mr. Smith produced by Def Jam Records all according to Wikipedia and who knows what is real?